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I AM MORE THAN is partnering with the creative genius Donald Roberston to raise $300,000.00 and national awareness to collectively equip the next generation of creative and gifted children to become creative extremists, using art, music, conversation and innovation to become Creative Change Makers for human rights.

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Photo by  Luke Lindgren

Photo by Luke Lindgren



Dr, King was labeled and extremists by his peers and colleagues. His response was written in a letter while he sat in the Birmingham jail. " Was Jesus an extremist for Love?  Was not Abraham Lincoln an extremist, this nation cannot survive half free and half slave, and Thomas Jefferson, we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. Perhaps the South, the Nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists."  


Photo by Brad Lansill


A career artist, Robertson has worked in the cosmetics and fashion industry, beginning in Toronto alongside the founders of MAC Cosmetics, and most recently in creative development at the Estee Lauder Companies. He also launched American Marie Claire before redesigning American Glamour with Conde Nast and Hearst.

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It's more than just a shoe.

I AM MORE THAN X DONALD is a fundraising project for I AM MORE THAN…PYITS Youth Empowerment Initiative to provide resources to transform an antebellum home built in 1887 into The Creative Extremist Museum and Visual Art Center. This historic home is conveniently located on sacred ground blocks from 5 Points Art and Cultural division, the Selma to Montgomery Historic Trail, the Equal Justice Initiative Civil Rights Memorial and Rosa Parks Historic Museum. It is listed on the National Historic Registry and will serve as a collective meeting space for creatives from around the country and the world.  

While sitting in Birmingham Jail, Dr. King talked about the power of identity and redefining negative narratives to changing the world through CREATIVE EXTREMISM. I AM More Than X DONALD encourages people to be mindful of the next generation of kids that need positive reinforcement and a platform to be Creative Change Makers and Innovators for human rights.
The mission of The Creative Extremist Museum and Visual Art Center is to bridge racial divides through history, art and conversation.  

We are committed to providing opportunities for children and traveling visitors to see and participate in arts that builds community, engages our youth and finds creative ways to collectively change the world using art, music, conversation and innovation. Art education which is at the core of our mission is achieved in many ways including outreach, school tours, and public art workshops and summits.

This project will provide space for an artist in residency program that will invite artists each year to engage with the museum and its surrounding areas to produce thoughtful and socially engaged human rights art.



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